Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding Cresoft's Hot Or Not Clone Script

Q: Why should I purchase CreSoft’s Hot or Not Clone script?

A: If you are looking to set up an image rating site, similar to the Hot or Not picture ranking website, you will need a reliable software script to handle the task.

Our customers tell us again and again that they struggled to find a good, affordable image rating program – until they stumbled upon CreSoft. CreSoft’s Hot or Not Clone script is exactly what every single potential customer was looking for!

Q: What makes CreSoft’s script so great?
A: CreSoft’s script is the most advanced, user-friendly product on the market. We offer a powerful administrative panel that allows you to fully customize the product to meet your need. The script is easy to install and maintain, and guaranteed to be secure. CreSoft’s Hot or Not Clone script is also the most feature-rich script available.

Simply put, CreSoft’s Hot or Not Clone script gives you THE BEST PRODUCT for the BEST PRICE!

Q: Is the script secure?

A: Yes, our script is secure. CreSoft’s image rating script has been developed, from scratch, by our own team of professional PHP programmers. It has been extensively tested and we can safely say that it is bulletproof from any attempted attacks


Q: What about errors? Is the script bug-free?

A: Yes.  We guarantee that CreSoft’s Hot or Not Clone script is bug-free.  The script has been extensively tested for errors, and it has never been found to have a single problem.  In the unlikely event that an error should occur, please contact CreSoft’s Customer Service team for immediate assistance. Contact us Page

Q: Will I get customer support with my purchase?

A: Yes! CreSoft offers all customers lifetime support with the purchase of our Hot or Not Clone script. If you should ever have a question about our product, feedback regarding your purchase, or require technical assistance, we are available to assist you with your inquiry.

To contact us, simply complete the Contact Form located at Contact us Page and we will get back to you.

Q: Will CreSoft be there even if I have the slightest problem with the script?

A: Yes, CreSoft is proud to offer personalized service and support to all of our valuable customers and is always available to answer your questions. We encourage you to contact us at any time, no matter how small or large your inquiry, so that we may be of service.

Q: What methods of payment are accepted?

A: You may purchase the Hot or Not Clone script instantaneously via PayPal.(Purchasing Page) If you would prefer to use an alternate form of payment, please contact CreSoft’s Customer Support team using our Contact Us form. We are always willing to work with our customers, and will be pleased to assist you with your order.

Q: How long will it take to receive my Hot or Not Clone script once I have submitted my payment?

A: You will the setup file for CreSoft’s Hot or Not Clone script immediately upon receipt of your payment.Delivery is instantaneous!

Q: How do I install the script once I receive it?

A: When you purchase the script, you will be given the option of installing the script yourself, or upgrading to professional installation and set-up. If you opt for the self-installation package, you will receive a set of detailed instructions along with the script setup file. These instructions will walk you through the step-by-step process of getting your new image rating script up and running. If you elect to purchase professional installation and set-up, a member of the CreSoft Technical team will perform the script installation for you.


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About CreSoft

koko CreSoft is a premier software developer of PHP scripts, including hotornot clone scripts that allow users to create their own custom picture rating applications. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with outstanding customer service and are confident that our products can meet your every need.


CreSoft’s offer of lifetime technical support and our extensive product features set us apart from the competitors, and have propelled CreSoft to the very forefront of the industry.


We are confident that we can not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Technical Support

CreSoft offers lifetime technical support to all of our customers. We are committed to providing you with exceptional customer service and guarantee your satisfaction.


If you require technical assistance with your purchased CreSoft Hot or Not Clone script, please visit our Contact Us / Technical Support page. Contact us Page

Start Your Own Hot Or Not Website Today

HotOrNot Clone by Cresoft - An image rating script with endless applications

Start your own Hot or Not clone website TODAY using Cresofts HotOrNotClone script - the best image rating script available. Really, the possibilities are endless!
  • Create...
  • Your own personal photo gallery
  • A website where friends share and rate their photos
  • A place where students rate each others photos
  • Celebrity image rating sites
  • Body-building contest/rating websites
  • Cute babies and kids contests
  • Car enthusiasts customized car image sharing
  • Pet lovers gallery
  • Fashion and style galleries
  • Your idea belongs here!

And all those are just a few ideas that we could quickly come up with. We are sure that each and every one of you can come up with his own, unique idea! Don't wait any longer. It's time to unleash the massive power of our Hot Or Not image rating script!

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Hot Or Not Clone Script Features

CreSofts Hot or Not Clone Script offers more features than any other image rating software product on the market. But dont take our word for it visit our Features
page to see for yourself what Cresofts HotOrNotClone image rating script has to offer!

Hot Or Not Clone Screenshots
Want an up-close and personal view of our Hot or Not Clone Script? Our product screenshots page offers you a detailed view of what you will be buying, and shows you firsthand exactly how user-friendliness and versatility of our image rating script is achieved Go to SCREENSHOTS Page


CreSofts Hot or Not Clone script has provided me with EXACTLY what I needed in an image rating script. The script was easy to install and completely error-free. Best of all, the program comes packed with impressive features that could customize to meet my websites needs. I am excited to have found such an incredible product at such an affordable cost. CreSoft has truly blown the competition away with their Hot or Not Clone script.

Pete Anchroff