Hot or Not Clone Script Front-End (User) Screenshots

Cresoft’s Hot or Not Clone Script is packed with smart features to give you everything you need to create a professional and polished image rating application.

Group similar photographs together into categories that have been customized by you, to fit your website’s unique needs.

CreSoft’s Hot or Not Clone Script allows for the quick and easy flagging of inappropriate images, to help keep your website moderated and in line with your specifications.

Visitors to your site can quickly view and rate new images, without being slowed down by lengthy picture load times.

CreSoft’s Hot or Not Clone Script contains built-in space for ads and sponsor information, so you can easily set up a marketing campaign to generate revenue for your website.

It's really amazing how you can virtually create any type of image rating website using our hot or not clone script. Really, the only limit is your imagination!

Manage uploaded photos and details easily on your personal profile. CreSoft’s Hot or Not Clone Script automatically organizes the data on your profile so that you don’t have to dig around to find your information.
Hot Or Not image rating script Back-End (Administrative Panel) Screenshots

Below are just a few screenshots from the admin panel, demonstrating only some of the features of our hot or not clone script. For a full list, please visit the features page.

Cresoft’s Hot or Not Clone Script features a straightforward, easy-to-use administrative panel. Manage your hotornot PHP script using our simple controls.

Generate reports and view general website statistics easily. Cresoft's hot or not clone makes things easy for you!

Customize photo status messages, automatic member email messages, inactive photo warnings and much more!

Send mass email to members with ease. You can even subdivide groups by categories such country or state!

View member and moderator stats with the touch of a button. You can generate reports on average time spent online, and average number of ratings done per visit quickly and easily.

Need to make a few changes to the application? Tweak everything quickly and easily right from the Admin Panel. There’s no need to touch files on your server!

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Hot Or Not Clone Script Features

CreSofts Hot or Not Clone Script offers more features than any other image rating software product on the market. But dont take our word for it visit our Features
page to see for yourself what Cresofts HotOrNotClone image rating script has to offer!

Client Websites

CreSoft thanks the following Hot or Not Clone Script clients, who have generously allowed us to share their websites with our new customers and valued visitors.


Each of the following clients has customized CreSoft’s Hot or Not Clone Script to meet the needs of their unique website.

Start Your Own Hot Or Not Website Today

HotOrNot Clone by Cresoft - An image rating script with endless applications

Start your own Hot or Not clone website TODAY using Cresofts HotOrNotClone script - the best image rating script available. Really, the possibilities are endless!
  • Create...
  • Your own personal photo gallery
  • A website where friends share and rate their photos
  • A place where students rate each others photos
  • Celebrity image rating sites
  • Body-building contest/rating websites
  • Cute babies and kids contests
  • Car enthusiasts customized car image sharing
  • Pet lovers gallery
  • Fashion and style galleries
  • Your idea belongs here!

And all those are just a few ideas that we could quickly come up with. We are sure that each and every one of you can come up with his own, unique idea! Don't wait any longer. It's time to unleash the massive power of our Hot Or Not image rating script!

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koko CreSoft is a premier software developer of PHP scripts, including hotornot clone scripts that allow users to create their own custom picture rating applications. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with outstanding customer service and are confident that our products can meet your every need.


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