Hot or Not Clone Script Features

CreSoft’s Hot or Not Clone Script is loaded with features to make it the most comprehensive and most advanced script of its kind. Review our extensive list of built-in features and you will agree- the quality and content of CreSoft’s hot or not image rating script far exceeds the competition.

Each of these features come STANDARD with CreSoft’s Hot or Not Clone Script. Unlike our competitors, we will never charge you extra money for features that will enhance your own website. We believe that offering you everything you need in a product for an affordable price is the best way to gain your absolute satisfaction.

Hot Or Not Script Features

  • HotOrNot-type rating of photos
  • Photos automatically resize upon upload to fit the website standards
  • Automated, customizable watermarking of pictures

    • This will allow you to share your website with the rest of the community, while effectively protecting your image content.

  • Customizable photo categories
  • Guaranteed photo rating protocol

    • Visitors must rate the displayed picture before they are permitted to see the next available image. This ensures that visitors are actually rating the pictures and not just browsing the website’s images.

  • Photos sharing via Share Link

    • Active photos can be quickly and easily sharing via short, user-friendly URL addresses

  • Easy reporting of inappropriate photos
  • New user registration with an AJAX name check to see if the desired username is available
  • Built-in space for sponsor advertising
  • Customizable, automated moderator screening tool to save you time

    • Set up a pre-screening questionnaire for users who desire to become site moderators, so that your time isn’t wasted by insincere applicants

  • Hot or Not Clone Script Background Site Features

  • Automatic approval submitted images based on moderator review
  • Automatic removal and rejection of pictures that are rated “inappropriate” by website moderators
  • Submitted images get approved or rejected when they received the required number of moderator votes. These rules are set by the site administrator.
  • Regular re-indexing of active site photos

    • Improve image randomization to ensure image rotation effectiveness and ensure that all active photos have an equal chance to be rated

  • Create automatic email to registered site members
  • Generate statistical reports of photos in circulation that can be forwarded to site members by email

    • Allow members with active images to review the current rating of their photo(s) and the number of votes received


  • Easy removal of inactive photos from circulation

    • Send emails to members whose photos are nearing removal due to website inactivation for a specified period of time.

  • Automatic reactivation of images upon registered member’s return to the website
  • Email notification to registered site members who have not logged into the website for more than 2 months

Hot or Not Clone Script administrative and Member/Moderator Panel Features

Hot or Not Clone Script administrator Panel Features

  • Login/Logout

    • Update account details (change username and password)

  • Lookup an image or scoreboard info by entering Share Link
  • View (or clear) log of active background jobs
  • Approve or reject registered users who submit moderator applications
  • Customize website settings:

    • Set up and review website ad settings to allow for onsite advertising
    • Members image upload quota
    • Maximum number of photos permitted allowed in circulation per member
    • Maximum photo size (file size, height, width)
    • Photo tag/description length
    • Number of days photos are considered active
    • Customization of image 'Not Approved' status message for rejected pictures
    • Page footer
    • Misc. items including logo, items per page, and page number links density)

  • Customization of photo approval and rejection rules (based on desired number of moderator votes and approval/rejection percentages)
  • Send email and notifications directly via the administrative panel
  • Mass email members by categories
  • Customize automated email messages to members and moderators including:

    • Members login reminder
    • Inactive photo warnings
    • Member’s 'official score' report
    • Moderator approved/rejected status messages
    • Photo approved/rejected messages
    • Email verification
    • Password reminders

  • Ability to use variables for personalization, including %NAME%, %USERNAME%, %PASS%, and more
  • Search feature
  • Generate listing of current moderators and/or members

    • Sort the members/moderators list by categories such as ID, name, email address, gender, age, country, and more
    • Identify members with an unverified email address by different color so that they can be easily located
    • Show members/moderators who have been suspended or those in the selected categories
    • Review moderator image reviewing accuracy
    • Generate members/moderators details and statistics

  • Send Delete, Suspend, and Unsuspended email notifications to single or multiple members and/or moderators at once
  • Generate reports to view website activity including:

    • Total number of members/moderators who joined in a specified period of time
    • Total number of scoreboards
    • Average time spent online by members/moderators
    • Average number of ratings completed by members per visit
    • Grand total number of photos
    • Total number of photos in each category
    • Total number of active photos in circulation for a specified period of time
    • Total number of photos awaiting moderator approval

Hot or Not Clone Script registered User Panel Features

  • Photo management console

    • Add, Remove, Edit, or Change the image’s category
    • Set an image as the primary (default) image
    • Post an uploaded image
    • Remove an image from public rating rotation

  • Scoreboards allow user to monitor their active images current ratings and number of time they have been rated
  • Scoreboards management panel

    • Add, Remove, Edit an image from the scoreboard
    • Remove members from the scoreboard
    • Share user scoreboard with other users (Invite link)

  • Turn email confirmation on or off upon registration
  • Login / Logout of website
  • Reset password if current user password is lost or forgotten
  • Email verification of selected site features (some site functions may not available to the user until his/her email address is verified)
  • Update account details

    • Change user’s email, login password, and other pertinent details

  • Delete website account

Hot or Not Clone Script moderator’s Panel Features

  • Login / Logout of website
  • Reset password if current moderator password is lost
  • Approve and reject submitted photos based on appropriateness for the website
  • Review moderator statistics including number of images approved and rejected, and moderator’s accuracy in reviewing images
  • Update account details

    • Change moderator’s email, login password, and other pertinent details


Server requirements: shared/virtual/dedicated Linux server with a decent (4+) PHP/MYSQL version installed.

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